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Please consider our findings of the latest report from Keith Borer Consultants ref: AB/AK/32981/12 Dated 12/03/2013


In the report it states that due to pellet weight variations the Kinetic Energy may have been as low as 12.01 ft lb


However no allowance has been made for the inaccuracy of the chronoscope.


The SKAN PRO 1 Series 3 used for the testing is 99.5% accurate .This information is from the official Skanar web site

A screen shot has been included.


Lighter pellets would normally be faster and so these would be the ones that were recorded higher then the actual true Kinetic Energy value.


If we take the only pellet that was recorded over the legal limit and allow for the inaccuracy of the chronoscope it is very possible that the Kinetic Energy could be as low as 11.94 ft lb well within the legal limit.


It must be concluded that based on the test results by Ms Kiernan the air rifle was not proved to be capable of firing over the 12 ft. lb. legal limit.

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