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4am – 4.15am - Alex Winter leaves to go to work.

5.01am - Male neighbour wakes up

5.05am - Male neighbour lets dogs out. 99% certain there is no device by Alex's back door.

5.45am - Female neighbour gets dressed.

5.50am - male neighbour & Female neighbour get into car – male neighbour driving. Female neighbour gets in passenger side and sees nothing unusual. male neighbour checks wing mirrors and sees nothing unusual.

5.55am - Female neighbour drops male neighbour off at work (Bus Depot on Heysham Road)

5.59am or 6.01am - Female neighbour is at papershop on Westminster Road

6.04am - Female neighbour arrives back home. Sees nothing strange.

6.05am - Stephen's alarm goes off.

6.14am - Female neighbour sees Andrea Winter out of the kitchen window in the drive.

6.30am - Andrea Winter discovers the device when letting dogs out.

6.30am - Female neighbour takes the dogs for a walk to the cemetery, see nothing suspicious

6.35am - Stephen gets up

6.30am - 6.40am - Stephen picks up R B on Beaufort Road

6.50am - Female neighbour returns from walking dogs, see nothing suspicious.

6.55am - Stephen and R B arrive at work on the Lansil Industrial Estate in Lancaster.

7.20am - Alex Winter returns home and Andrea tells him of the device

8.10am - Female neighbour sees Alex Winter arrive home with someone else

8.15am - Female neighbour leaves house and goes to work.

Urgent review of police use of Tasers

"They were shouting and kicking so much all I could hear were the boots hitting him".

Officer from GMP's counter-corruption unit under investigation​

Robert Mayor

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They set on him like a pack of animals
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