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Transcript from 1st Trial

Alexander Harold Winter, sworn

Examination-in-Chief by Mr Nuttall


Cross-examination by Mr Humphries


Q: I understand that your round included quite a lot of giro deliveries, is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: And your wife, as we know, worked for the Benefit Office in Lancaster.

A: Yes, she did at the time, yes.

Q: Was there a traveller’s camp or gypsy encampment near your house?

A: Yes, quite close.

Q: Were you aware of any reports in relation to benefits, people drawing benefits who shouldn’t have been, at the gypsy encampment?

A: No.

Q: There was no difficulties with any of them over giros?

A: No.

Unused witness statement from work colleague
Urgent review of police use of Tasers

"They were shouting and kicking so much all I could hear were the boots hitting him".

Officer from GMP's counter-corruption unit under investigation​

Robert Mayor

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They set on him like a pack of animals
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